Back Pain

Back Pain: A major complaint

Many people experience lower back pain and are not sure of how to get long-term relief. This kind of pain might interfere with your rest period, work, spending time with family, and generally enjoying life. There is no doubt that it can cause a lot of other health problems and keep a person feeling stressed, angry and worried. 

In many parts of the world, lower back pain is the most common reason for activity limitation and work absence. Even in Pakistan, many people suffer from this condition and miss their work, placing a huge financial burden on individuals, families and their businesses.

Physical Therapy: A solution for Low Back Pain

There’s no question about it if you’re experiencing this kind of pain You want relief and you want it now !! A specialized Pain Management Physical therapist can guide you to the best treatment so that you can carry out your work pain-free.

Lower back discomfort becomes so problematic that it prevents you from engaging in your usual level of activity. It can stop practically everything! So that you may begin taking part in your treatment, it is necessary for a physical therapist to reduce your pain as much as possible.

Physical Therapy Consultancy

Your Consultant Physical therapist at IMC, will conduct a complete assessment and provides you with his expert opinions. These recommendations will range from

How Physical Therapy Helps?

A specific type of treatment called physical therapy focuses on the management of disabilities and injuries. Back pain can be treated by a physical therapist who is an expert in reducing all types of pain. Physical therapy is a fantastic treatment choice to regain range of motion and functional mobility since it promotes recovery. Because a physical therapist himself uses different techniques on a patient, they are frequently referred to as passive therapy. Some of the techniques are

Besides passive therapy, your physical therapist under the direction of a Consultant Physical therapist at IMC will also suggest you effective exercises according to your needs.

Some of these exercises will increase your range of motion, while others can strengthen and regenerate the muscles surrounding injured areas to give those body parts the right support.

Detailed Evaluation by Consultant Physical Therapist

Your consultant physical therapist will ask you a number of health-related questions concerning your medical history and lower back pain during your initial visit to our rehab clinic. He will be able to create the most effective treatment strategy for you it will produce long lasting relief and comfort from pain.

Evaluation by Physical Therapist under supervision of Consultant Physical Therapist

Along with that, you will be examined by your therapist in detail. Your physical therapist may evaluate your


The exercises listed below are beneficial for a lot of people. Consult your therapist to make any necessary adjustments to the position to make it more comfortable. Try to perform these exercises on regular basis.

Knee to chest

Best back pain Exercise at home - Knee to chest exercise

Your feet should be flat on the floor or bed as you lay on your back with your knees bent. As you lift one leg, slowly draw it toward your chest with your hands. Hold the position for five seconds.

With the other knee, repeat this movement. Perform each side of the exercise five times.

Deep lunge

Deep lunge Exercise for Backpain Treatment in DHA Lahore

On your right knee, bend over. With your left foot on the ground, extend your left leg in front of you. Lean forward and raise your back knee. Take a five-second hold. then switch legs after three repetitions.

Half Push ups

Half Push ups Exercise for back pain treament

With your elbows bent at your sides and your forearms flat on the bed or floor, lie on your front. Keep your neck straight and look down. While maintaining your hips firmly planted on the floor or bed, slowly press down with your hands and arch your back up. Your abdominal muscles ought to stretch. Followed by a return to the beginning position after holding for 5 to 10 seconds. Build yourself up gradually until you can perform this exercise 10 times. If you find it difficult to fully extend your arms, begin by bending your elbows and putting a moderate arch in your back

Knee rolls

Graphical view of Knee rolls exercise for back pain treatment in DHA Lahore

Bend your knees and place your feet together while you lay on your back. Hold the position for 10 seconds while rolling your legs to one side and keeping your shoulders flat on the floor or bed. Kneel in the original position, then go to the opposite side and repeat. Each side should perform this exercise three times.

Arch and Hollow

Graphical view of Arch and Hollow Exercise for back pain recommended Hafiz Asim DPT

Ensure that your hands and knees are placed beneath your shoulders and your hips, respectively, before getting on your hands and knees. Let your head droop and arch your back upward. For five seconds, maintain this posture. Back in the starting position, slowly pull your head up, relax your stomach, and stick out your bottom. Five seconds of holding this stance are followed by five repetitions of the action.

Home Plan

Hafiz Asim Physical therapy consulting with patient about back problem in DHA Lahore

Your physical therapist will give you specific exercises to practice at home as part of your treatment so that it can decrease your pain, discomfort, prevent re-injury, ease tension, and heal more quickly. They will also spend time educating you about your pain source and pain management techniques, as well as suggest specific technologies or equipment that can speed your recovery.


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