Physical Therapy Consultancy

Physical Therapy Consultancy

Physical therapy consultation is an expert opinion about your condition regarding the factors causing the condition, level of pain, functional level, plan of care, and expected outcome or goal. The consultant develops a rehabilitation plan for the patient in collaboration with other healthcare providers and conducts follow-up and required modifications to the patient’s treatment plan. Incorporating physical therapy into the medical treatment plan overall manages the patient and speeds up recovery.

 A physical therapy consultation is an appointment between a physical therapist and a patient. Its purpose is to discuss how physical therapy can help the patient, depending on what kind of pain or injury he is suffering from. This is usually offered by physical therapy clinics and specialists and is beneficial for anyone who is suffering from pain or injury and is considering physical therapy as part of an ongoing treatment as well as for anyone who has certain mobility problems caused by other factors.

Consultant Physical therapists are healthcare professionals who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of any medical problem that hinders individuals from moving normally and properly and keeps them from performing their normal activities. 

At the end of the consultation, the patient will be given a recommended physical therapy plan, which he can follow alongside his medical treatment plan. Incorporating physical therapy into a medical treatment plan for pain or injury can help reduce the need for prescription drugs and surgical intervention. 

First time in Pakistan provides expert consultancy by healthcare providers with extensive national and international experience and high patient satisfaction rates. The aim is to identify your Physical Therapy needs so that you can achieve maximum benefit from the therapy.


Physical Therapy Conditions treated

Some conditions that may benefit from pain management are:


What is Physical Therapy Consultation?

A physical therapy consultation occurs either at the request of a patient or when a physician refers a patient to a physical therapist.

A physical therapy consultation involves the following steps:

Why are people referred to physical therapy?

​There are many reasons patients may be referred to physical therapy, including neck, low back pain, pre and post-operative rehabilitation, migraine management, pre and post-partum pelvic floor management, arthritis symptom management, vestibular rehabilitation or generalized strengthening and balance training to reduce fall occurrences.  

Our main priority is to get you to regain your functional independence and return to your desired lifestyle.

How many visits will I need?

On your first visit, you will have the opportunity to discuss your plan of care with your physical therapist, who will estimate the number of visits you will need. We often see results quickly and the number of visits can range from as little as 2 or more, depending on your rehabilitation diagnosis. We highly encourage our patients to complete their physical therapy plan to maximize their benefits and return to their functional lifestyle.