Online Consultation

Online Consultation

We are now offering Online Consultations. Our expert consultant will have a one-on-one session with you and determine your physical therapy needs and formulate a timeline to achieve your goals. The primary reason to initiate this is to help the patients determine whether they need Physical Therapy or other treatment options.

The session will include:

1. Comprehensive history

2. A detailed explanation of your symptoms

3. Formulation of a tentative Diagnosis

4. Prescription of preliminary tests and investigations

5. Precautions to take at home to prevent the condition from worsening

6. Discussion on how to speed up your recovery


How do I speak to a doctor over the phone?

You will be able to speak with the doctor only through a video consultation after booking an appointment with him. you cannot directly call and talk to a doctor here.

What are the cities and locations you provide home care service ?

We currently provide home care assistance only in Lahore but we offer online consultations all over the world