Headache: One of the common complaint

Almost 47% of people worldwide have headaches, which are classified by the type and location of head discomfort. Many headaches subside gradually and are not dangerous. However, regular mild to severe headaches can affect your quality of life and capacity to carry out everyday tasks.

Types of headaches

Various headache types include:

  • Tension

  • Cervicogenic headache

  • Migraine

  • headaches that are secondary to another ailment, such as a sinus issue, fever, infection, or, in rare situations, a tumour or a more serious sickness.

  • Idiopathic headaches

Evaluation by Consultant PT

A clinical evaluation will be conducted by a physical therapist to identify the type of headache and create an efficient treatment strategy.

How Physical Therapy helps!!

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It has been demonstrated that physical therapy:

  • Reduce or eliminate headache frequency, intensity, and duration

  • reduce the use of drugs

  • Enhance mobility and performance

  • Improve neck movement

  • better living quality

Treatment Plan by Your Consultant PT

  1. Manual therapy: Time-tested hands-on methods are used to relieve joint and muscle stiffness, increase neck and head movement, reduce muscular tension and spasms, and enhance muscle function.

  2. Exercise: Studies have shown that a variety of targeted workouts can help with pain relief, endurance improvement, inflammation reduction, and general healing. A crucial component of the treatment plan includes personalized home exercise regimens in addition to the recommended workouts that are specific to each patient.

  3. Education: Educational tactics have been demonstrated to be effective at reducing headache frequency or intensity. Finding highly customized triggers (such as food, sleep, movement/postural habits, stressors, and hydration) is one of these ways. Numerous relaxation techniques are also included in effective symptom-relieving procedures.

Exercises to Relief headaches at home

Side neck flexion exercise for headache treatment in DHA Lahore

Side neck flexion

An easy stretch that relaxes the neck and upper back is the side neck bend. It is a versatile maneuver because you can perform it either sitting or standing.

In order to stretch:

  • Start by sitting or standing up. Maintain a neutral spine, unwind your shoulders, and place your arms by your side.

  • Right shoulder to right ear incised. Flex the fingers of your left hand as you extend it toward the floor. Hold for a minute.

  • Go back to your starting point.

Headache best exercise

Forward fold while seated

It can be really calming to rest your head on something. It's a key component of the two-legged forward bend, also known as the sitting forward fold. Additionally, the pose relaxes the muscles in your legs.

This is how you do it:

  • Straighten your legs in front of you when you sit down on the floor. If you require support, put a folded towel or blanket under your buttocks.

  • As if your feet are up against a wall, point your toes upward. spine lengthen.

  • When bending forward, bring your body to your thighs. Depending on how it feels, gently bend your knees.

  • With your hands on your feet, lie on your stomach. Hold for a minute.

Pose of a child exercise for headache in DHA Lahore

Pose of a child

A common yoga posture is the child's pose. Especially if you let your arms relax alongside your body, the stretch is reviving. Additionally, it relaxes the mind while stretching the upper back.

To perform:

  • Kneel on the ground. Knees should be spread outward to the mat's breadth. Hold buttocks on heels with big toes touching.

  • Hands on thighs while you lengthen your spine.

  • Reach your hands up to the top of your mat as you lower your torso between your thighs. Relax your neck, shoulders, and arms while placing your forehead on the mat. Hold for a minute. Alternatively, you might place your hands behind your buttocks and lay your arms beside your body.

A couple more recommendations for managing headaches (especially migraines)

  • Regular visits to a physician or other healthcare provider

  • Taking drugs as prescribed, avoiding recognised migraine triggers, and reducing coffee and alcohol intake

  • Drinking enough water and avoiding bright lighting

  • Obtaining adequate rest

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