Gait and Balance Disorders

Do you feel spinning?

Do you ever feel that your shakiness and spinning would cause you stumble and fall? Does it hurt to move around because of joint pain? Even when you are stationary, do you ever feel like you are spinning? In that case, you might be dealing with a balance or gait disorder.

Gait and Balance issues

Gait or balance issues can have an effect on your physical and mental health. They could happen for a variety of reasons as well. A balance or gait disorder can be brought on by or made worse by a number of underlying neurological or musculoskeletal conditions.

Balance and Gait issues are different

Despite their similarities, balance and gait problems are very different. Here is some information about gait problems versus balance disorders. Your consultant physical therapist at IMC Rehab Services will be able to identify your individual problem after a comprehensive evaluation.

Gait disorders

Gait abnormalities are considered to lead for almost 17 percent of falls among seniors. Aging can exacerbate gait abnormalities, which can lead to haphazard movements in the way you run and walk. They may also be brought on by stroke, issues with the inner ear, foot ailments, or even something as basic as uncomfortable footwear.

Balance Problems

People with balance issues often describe feeling as though they are about to fall, stumbling when trying to walk, and floating. Disorientation and blurred eyesight are also frequent side effects.

Physical and Mental Well being is affected

Balance issues can affect both your physical and mental well-being since your brain may misinterpret your lack of movement as movement. Your ability to balance is physically affected by changes in your joint strength, mobility, and proprioception, which is your feeling of where your joints are in space.

Physical therapy Helps in balance and Gait disorders

Fortunately, physical therapy can be used to address such conditions successfully.

You can greatly lessen your symptoms and significantly improve your mobility by adhering to a customised treatment plan created by your consultant physical therapists.

Physical therapy exercises

The exercises and therapies listed below could be a part of your treatment plan:

Exercises to retrain your gait

Gait abnormalities can occasionally be fixed through "retraining," in which you learn the appropriate methods. Particular runners can get an advantage from this kind of therapy approach.

Strength training of your muscles

Which muscles of your body may need strengthening will be determined by the physical therapy evaluation. Your muscles will grow stronger as a result of the strengthening exercises our physical therapist will give you, making it much easier for you to move around and lowering your chance of injury.


Your range of motion and flexibility will both get benefit from stretching. You will have better control over your motions and be able to react more quickly, which will lower your chance of injury. Additionally, it will prevent your muscles from becoming stiff.

Therapy for the vestibular system

Our Consultant physical therapist will offer you treatment and targeted exercises that will assist relocate crystals that may be contributing to the issue in the inner ear if you have balance or gait difficulty as a result of vertigo.

In order to maintain solid balance, physical therapy treatments aim to strengthen your vision, nerves, muscles, and the vestibular system as a whole.

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